Email Marketing Campaigns

  • May 2013-Steeped Email Marketing Campaign
  • April 2013-Steeped Email Marketing Campaign
  • June 2013-Steeped Email Marketing Campaign

Thinking about launching an email marketing campaign? We custom design and code from scratch all of our email marketing ampaigns. Each client receives a test launch before the initial ‘send out’. Mid-month we provide reports to our clients.

Understand Your Reports

We give our clients full control accessing their email campaign reports so we can make informed recommendations for upcoming campaigns.

Subscriber activity

These reports give you extra insight about your ecipients, like who opened the emails and what they clicked. See a real-time report for each recipient’s email activities: when they opened, what they clicked and when they came back. You can even generate a list of people who did not open, and send them a modified campaign.

Social tracking

MailChimp’s Social Stats allow you to watch your campaigns make their way around Facebook. To find out how many people like your campaigns, click Reports in your MailChimp dashboard. Select a campaign and click Social Stats.

Twitter stats are located in the same place as Facebook stats.

The Twitter Activity, shows how many times your campaign has been tweeted and retweeted, who did the tweeting, and a timeline of all tweets. Only tweets that include the automatically generated eepURL for your campaign are included in this report, so you might have even more tweets than you think.

To really dig into what these stats mean and how you can learn from them, check out MailChimp’s Understanding Reports guide.


Not sure where to start?  Give us a buzz, we would love to chat with you before launching your email marketing campaign.

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