Me Tea™ Branding

  • Sleepy Me Tea
    sleepy me tea
  • Romance Me Tea
    Romance Me tea
  • Energize Me Tea
    Energize Me Tea
  • Cool Me Tea
    Cool Me Tea
  • Baby Me Tea
    Baby Me tea

Peter Barker of Distinctly Tea Inc.  is a true Canadian entrepreneur and we are so proud to have him as a client!  Angie Scott our creative director has a spicey entrepreneur spirit that can cook up a concept that our clients love!    We asked the world’s greatest illustrator to sharpen his pencil and whip up something amazingly mouth watering that would quench the thirst of a tea lover!  Voila!  Distinctly Tea’s new Me Tea lineup is on the shelves for the world to enjoy.  All packaged in a beautiful white tin.  We must say this is excellent product branding!

  • Distinctly Tea
  • 2011
  • Illustration
  • Design

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