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17 SEO Myths That You Should Leave Behind in 2013

By Rebecca Churt
Rebecca Churt is the SEO Marketing Manager at HubSpot.


I must submit my site to Google

The idea that you need to submit your website to Google in order to appear in search results (or rank) is nonsense. While a brand new site can submit their URL to Google directly, a search engine like Google can still find your site without you submitting it. And remember, a submission does not guarantee anything. Crawlers will find your site and index it in due time, so don’t worry about this idea of needing “tell” Google about your site.



SEO is all about ranking

While there’s a strong correlation between search results placement and clickthrough rates, ranking is not the all mighty end goal that it used to be. Now with search results being appended with rich text/snippets and author tags, results that appear below the top three sought after slots are getting much higher clickthrough rates. And even before all of that was applied, rankings did not guarantee success. You could theoretically rank quite well for a term and get tons of traffic, and not make a dime from it. Is that what you really want? I don’t think so. So it’s time to shift your goals, and rethink what SEO is all about, because “ranking” is not it.