{ Designer | Consultant  | Trainer  |  Serial Entrepreneur } by Day

{ Wife  |  Mom  Canadian Patriot } by Night

My Story

Everything I know about Social Networking, I learned from my Dad.

I grew up in Aylmer. My dad owned and operated an electronic shop on Sydenham Street. I’ve been thinking a lot about his social networks and how they relate to what I do online. Truth is… what my dad did with his HAM radio in the 70’s within the CB community, I do with my iPhone … the biggest difference is the speed and reach of the Internet.

I remember sneaking into his shop when it was closed. I would hop on the radio and try to man up my 8-year-old voice, I’d say…. “break breaker good buddy…. you copy?” 

Social Media is just channel of communication.

…… Remember the fax machine and how they said it would revolutionize business?  Well, it didn’t.  It was just a channel of communication.

I was wired to become an entrepreneur. 

When my dad closed his store, I launched a candy store in the same shop at 8 years of age.

I’m here to help.

Having successfully helped clients establish their brand on social media and increase their ROI, I am excited to share my secrets, tools and tactics with passionate entrepreneurs.