Get Savvy Social Media Workshop

Entrepreneurs thinking about making some big changes to the way you roll out social media for your business, but not sure where to start, this workshop is for you.

We teach you the art of Social Listening & uncover pain points in your industry that you can be the first to address.  Together, we examine what your data is telling you—and the action to take.

Workshop includes an overview of sharing photos and videos, use of hashtags, and how to connect directly with your customers.  This session includes how to create compelling content using trending apps that will engage viewers and spark conversations.

You will gain a solid understanding of how to engage on social media and drive traffic to your home base.

For Intermediate Users


TIME: 120-minutes

$150 pp

  • Social Media Channel Optimization
  • Developing and refining your social media approach.
  • Tips and tricks to promote engagement. Our focus will be on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & Pinterest.
  • How to improve your visual aesthetic online [tips + tricks we’ve picked up along the way that don’t require you to be a professional photographer but will help elevate your visuals online]
  • Managing your social platforms [rather than them managing you!]
  • Content scheduling and managing your social media platforms to maximize your efficiency.
  • Analytics & Measurement via Google Analytics
  • How to measure your social activity, draw insights and use these to update your strategy.

Story Techniques

  • Takeovers and Cross-Channel Promotion
  • Engage and Socialize


Real examples to inspire your social media strategy and apply them to your own business.

Get Savvy Social Media Workshop

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