KNOWN: The handbook for building and unleashing your personal brand in the digital age

Today, the influence that provides an edge in our world is determined by how well you’re known. Being known is not the same as being famous. It’s not about having millions of fans and red carpet appearances. Becoming known is about approaching your digital life with an intent that establishes the authority, reputation, and audience to achieve your goals.

Known is the first book of its kind to teach you, step by step, how the most successful people focus their efforts, create a plan, and activate their personal brand in a measurable way.

This extraordinary book includes:

  • The four-step path defined by research of well-known professionals in many fields including construction, education, marketing, real estate, banking, fashion, and many others
  • An explanation on why a “passion” or even expertise aren’t the most important factors in becoming known
  • A practical step-by-step guide, including exercises, to help people become known
  • An accompanying workbook with bonus material and exercises
  • A plan to actually measure the progress of your personal brand journey
  • A down-to-earth approach that accounts for the time needed to accomplish the goal to be known
  • More than 50 inspirational case studies showing how people overcame enormous obstacles to become known.

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KNOWN- The handbook for building and unleashing your personal brand in the digital age


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