Is spring ever coming? This time of year, many people experience the winter blahs not only in their personal life, but also their business.  Getting stuck and feeling unmotivated makes it hard to keep up with new trends and technologies. (not to mention get out of bed!) When you can’t reach your customers and clients in new and relevant ways, sales can suffer. That’s why it’s important to be able to get great advice on the latest apps and tech tools and tap into the creativity of experts in the field.

Want to hear how Zest – the Idea Agency provided this to a customer whose old site had expired and their content was seemingly lost in cyberspace?

A new client came to us in urgent need of a website that they could manage in-house. Not only that, but they were on a tight budget. Solution One: bartering in exchange for services.  To reduce some of the client’s expense, we decided to barter a little of the expense.  Creative director Angie Scott decided we could send some family and friends to the client for their services in exchange for work Zest would bill.

After discussing their website needs in more detail, the client confessed they had let their old site expired which means that they lost all of their content.  This meant that their staff would have to spend hours creating new content for their website – something they didn’t have the time or resources to accomplish.

But wait!!  This is where our tech savvy team came to the rescue. Being the branding and internet experts that we are, we just happen to have low down on all sorts of juicy tools that are on the market. So, Zest introduced the client to this great little thing called Wayback Machine. It allows you to go back in time in google and resurrect old website content. How cool is that – time travel in cyberspace!!

Tada – Solution Two!!   Zest went back to 2013 and found all the content they needed which saved them time and money in having to re-write the whole thing from scratch. Here’s the handy dandy link to the application we used, in case you are interested:

So don’t let the winter blahs affect your business! Let Zest Agency help you overcome challenges like the one our latest client just experienced.  Our talented techies love to provide solutions to business and branding obstacles. We’ll put a spring in your step and help bring clients to your door!


by Tracey Tiersma